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лат.) - согласованность; consensus gentium, consensus omnium - согласие народов, согласие всех, которое стоиками, Цицероном и философами шотландской школы использовалось в качестве доказательства. См. также Аргумент.

Источник: Философский энциклопедический словарь

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The prediction of heavy rainfall using a neural network and consensus forecast method for the system

Pak Ki Song, Jong Sang Il
In our country during the main rainy seasons (mei yu and summer) localized extremely heavy rainfall events over lots of regions can frequently result in flooding and landslides.
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Javakheti or Javakhk? There is no Armenian-Georgian consensus

Ramishvili Vladimer
The author discusses the problems of Javakheti, a historical area that is now part of the Samtskhe-Javakheti Province of Georgia.
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Decision making by consensus in international organizations as a form of negotiation

Suren Movsisyan
The modes of decision-making in international organizations have been widelydiscussed over the years.
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Tapping into the backlash against the Washington Consensus: Chinese engagement in Africa

At the beginning of the twenty-first century the normative vision of the United States and her Western allies is being increasingly challenged, both through the developing world''s disenchantment with the Washington Consensus and